Online seminar


Awakening-Awake with the Earth~ Becoming super happy

World Top Medium, “Mr. Gordon Smith” x Most trendy Spiritual messenger, “Mr. Yoshikazu Namiki”
Realizing this special collaborative seminar worldwide, which is possible to offer only now. By knowing invisible world we will change our reality, reconnecting to ourselves deeply, going with accelerated flow of change of the Earth. We can hear such talks from the two great masters and can experience special work from them. This is a very rare seminar.

What are mediumistic abilities which cover psychic abilities?
Mechanism of a soul
What does it mean by developing our spirituality?
What good thing will happen if our spirituality is developed?
By understanding an invisible world, how will that bring about positive influence in this world in a big frame (in the progression of the Earth)?
What is death?

Awakening - connecting to ourselves deeply and take back our power
Choosing to be awaken
Make clear what you want to become
Letting go of unnecessary things (relationships/ habits, etc.)
Connecting to ourselves and take back our power

What we can do now to live a happy life
Knowing our karma (what goes around comes around) in a real sense
Recommendation of work or the way to do a meditation by the two teachers, practice with the participants
To be in “a state of love and harmony” no matter what happens
Have a beautiful vibration

Questions and answers:
We welcome your questions.

In order to create the best outcome, the program curriculum may be changed by adopting teachers’ opinion, etc. We thank you for your understanding.

This event is recommended for those who ,,,

Wish to connect to themselves deeply
Wish to open up their potentials
Are interested in ascension
Think now is the turning point in life
Wish to live in another dimension
Like to take back their power
Choose to be awakened
Would like to know their mission of life
Would like to understand life in a deeper level
Do not know their own life well
Wish to raise their psychic abilities
Would like to know mediumship
Are interested in spiritual matters

Date:15th August 2020
Time:17:00pm-20:00pm(Japan time)
Title:Online semiar with Yoshikazu Namiki